Welcome to our MVP or soft launch!

Our vision. To be a global expert system of services professionals who provide welcoming environments with trained staff to all people regardless of how one identifies.

Eliminating the question of..."Will my provider judge me & can I be authentic and honest with them?", ties into the affirming care and experience people need to lead healthy, productive lives.

Perceptions and assumptions don't treat people, but Love, Compassion and Affirming Care do.

  • An MVP or soft launch, is a trial period in which users and providers can voluntarily sign-up

  • During this period, we monitor system performance, assess corrections, and prioritize for official launch

  • Open to the public. We encourage those with early interest to trial the system and give us your feedback

  • You may find a few bugs, glitches, or lack of data for your area but thats ok, we will fix it

  • If you join early, 6 months FREE additional time will be added to the backend of your subscription 

  • Our initial reach out to 30,000 providers will add more providers for the services you need

  • For the what-abouters. We have a roadmap of enhancements waiting to be built

  • If you have usage questions on how to do something, please see these quick tutorials


Looking for resources?

we just launched, are in a data seeding phase however, for those with early interest, the site is open...


Healthcare and Services Professionals

committed to honest, welcoming, and compassionate care, registration is now open for...

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Join early during our MVP launch. Get extended subscription (6 additional months beyond 1-year term)

Access system during provider sign-up & seeding period (based on selected plan)

Contribute Feedback. Help us shape the future of the system


- Therapists

- Doctors

- Laser hair removal 

- Electrolysis

- Medi & Skin spa's

- Legal professionals & firms

- Fertility preservation

- Surgeons

- General medical

- Support groups (sign-up free)



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