Our mission is simple.

Create a more precise path to locating quality care and services.

Our objectives...

  • Modernize access and data to professional, caring provider resources

  • Establish a model to address other social healthcare resource gaps

  • Drive investment back into the communities we serve

  • Expose more dimensional understanding of the markets we serve

  • Create awareness and advocacy to advance humanity

Why we are here.

Understanding gender identity, gender expression, and/or gender transition and where to get help can be a difficult process. We offer an integrated provider locator experience accessed through annual membership packages that are loaded with tools to help keep track of things along the way.

Advancements are always made through thinking outside of limitations. Genderis is not about looking at A or B (the limitations) but we are about understanding how we can help people ultimately achieve their own happiness and balance.

Our Vision.

Data science behind gender.

In other words, looking at the patterns that exist across users and providers, understanding the variations of people and providers across our community, where populations exist, where there are gaps in provider resources. Become a prescriptive tool for providers illustrating populations, what’s needed to better support those communities and where there may be chasms in provider services.

Our Name.

Our name GENDERIS, is a derivative of two words, GENDER and ERIS (the Greek goddess of strife or struggle). Why Genderis? Those who understand the challenges that transgender people go through know that gender is not precise and since recorded history people across the world have lived in variations across this spectrum. In fact, based on one study, 5% of people around you struggle to some degree with gender conflict.

Eris (pronounced air-iss) coming from the Greek goddess of conflict, strife or struggle, represents the challenges that most transgender people experience to not only find quality healthcare and services but to also maintain jobs, family, love and relationships - the things that are important to everyone.

Our Logo.

We chose the apple as our logo for its association with knowledge but also for its symbolism with Eris. In our case the apple is split in half representing the end of discord, conflict or struggle. The apple itself is styled as the yin-yang communicating balance of opposite entities (man/woman, active/passive, solar/lunar etc.).

The design is geometric communicating order and reason also presenting a more clinical and scientific appearance. The edges are soft and non-threatening coupled with a corresponding font to match the concept. We chose teal as the primary color given its gender neutrality also acting to promote feelings of calm, emotional healing, and protection.

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