Marketing and Social

Need qualified, energetic person with actual real-world skills to run all marketing and social. Duties would include the typical... - Facebook, Twitter, any other idea social-type stuff you feel would be greatly relevant - Organizing and Coordinating Pride events - SF, Oakland, Portland, Seattle Pride events...++ - Local events as we kick awareness off here in the SF Bay Area - Planning Provider (Healthcare, Doctors, Surgical, etc..) events - Developing strategies to create awareness with parental support groups, LGBTI support groups, and beyond - Overall getting the word out and managing that word to the tune of our vision which is to build an expert set of qualified resources committed to providing the best possible care to all people
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Data Analyst

Not to deny but I copied most of this description from a simple search. Quite literally we are looking for people willing to put in the time of searching, entering and organizing data to help us build our CRM system. As with most data entry positions, they are all about speed, accuracy, and attention to detail. A data entry analyst here will enter, review, and prune information into our current systems. Daily responsibilities include: - Organizing files and collecting data to be entered into our system - Analyzing the data for errors - Dedup'ing data - Eliminating erroneous data - Reporting problems with the data - Accurately entering information into various systems - Keeping sensitive customer or company information confidential and secure We are just starting out with a vision to grow so now is the time to get acquainted with us as we start to build momentum.
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