Adding Life Events - How Do Events Work?

After saving a provider to your favorites, you can then 'Add an Event' using one of your saved providers. Adding an event, allows you to save provider visits, track costs, and important notes and reminders about your visit.

Profile Data

Adding profile data to your Genderis profile allows us to do some of the heavy lifting in querying resources. We inject things like your zip code and other values to dynamically filter the resources returned providing you a more precise match. You can always choose to leave certain fields blank to return all providers.

Change membership plan

Option to Upgrade or Downgrade your membership plan. To do so 'navigate to your profile page', then select the 'Membership' tab. From here you can choose your option to either upgrade or downgrade your membership. Stripe our payment processor will take care of any change charges for upgrading to a new plan

Add a Favorite

While in Resources, simply select option to 'Save to Favorites'. From here the saved provider will then be available in your profile.

Add Support Group

By selecting provider option and then following along this simple video, you can see how a support groups managing directors can list their support group to the community at no-charge (FREE)

Provider - Listing Overview

Provider Business Profile and Listing Overview fly-over.

Crowdsource Provider

Short video to demonstrate how you can crowdsource a provider that you may be using however that may not be in the Genderis database yet. Once added by you, the provider will show up under the respective tab in your profile. For example as in this demo, we crowdsourced a provider under the 'Therapist' tab, therefore, in our test profile, we saw that the provider was in our Favorites, under the same Therapist tab. Once added, the provider is placed into our approval queue where we do some review and once approved, their profile becomes available for all users.

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